Jake’s 1st Bath

Jake got his first bath on Sunday morning. I think baths are just a semi-selfish thing for the parents when they’re this little because you know you’re just doing it so they’ll smell extra good!

I hate this! Get yours hands off of me!!!
Nice and clean
Oh wait…now I hate this again. Where are my clothes??

Daddy trying to warm Jake up. I had a little bit of deja vu when I took this picture and couldn’t figure out why. So I started looking through old picture folders on the computer and came across this one…

Same shirt, same hair :) Almost the same cuteness! This was from April 2007 when we had just found Miss Maggie

Jake also had his first pedi appointment today. Of course he was perfect. My hopes are really high for a full-ride to Texas A&M or something because he just keeps passing tests and check ups with flying colors! Like mama, like son, right?


He had gained an ounce since we left the hospital, bringing him to 6 lbs 4 oz (5th percentile). His length was about the same and in the 25th percentile. He also set a world record of 3 dirty diapers at our visit.

We are so proud!

4 thoughts on “Jake’s 1st Bath

  1. I can also put in a request… ENOUGH pics of the dogs… we get it.. you love your dogs… but we love JAKE and would like to see more pics of him! No more taking up space with the dogs… sorry! :)

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