Jake’s 1st Christmas – Part One

How is it that Jake’s 1st Christmas has come and gone?!?! I told Seth I’ve gotta start planning his Easter basket already (because you know Hobby Lobby will have their spring stuff out in no time…oh wait, they already DO!)

It was so nice to spend time together as a family of 3 on Christmas Eve and Day! We made homemade chocolate chip cookies (for Jesus of course…the cake idea was nixed) on Christmas Eve and went to the candlelight service at church that night. It was so awesome to hear the entire sanctuary singing Silent Night while holding their candles. I even got tears in my eyes. I think doing something like that really brings you back to what this time of year is really about. And now that we have our own child, I think it makes the birth of Christ and later, the sacrifice of His life for our sins, seem so much more real. I still can’t imagine the pain God felt while Jesus was on the Cross, but I know it had to be absolutely gut-wrenching. I am so excited to teach Jake about Jesus and all the wonderful stories in the Bible!

Now I’m getting off track.

But at least it was a good track!

On Christmas morning we got up bright and early to open presents. Well, Jake did at least. If you know me and Seth, you know that we are TERRIBLE at surprises (never mind that I hate surprises!!!) and don’t typically have gifts to open for each other. I know several of you are cringing but hey, deal with it. It’s just so much easier to go together to buy things because then you can guarantee that everyone gets what they really want!! Which is totally the meaning of Christmas, right?

Because at first, our coats were supposed to be our Christmas gifts. But then it got reeeeally cold. So what was the point of waiting until Christmas to open them?


Seth also read Jake the true Christmas story from the book of Luke. It was soo cute to see them sitting together on the couch. I would post a picture but Seth didn’t have a shirt on and I was pretty much threatened with my life if I put it on the blog. Men.

This is what I found on Christmas Eve morning. I woke up because I heard his aquarium playing music on the monitor. Kiddo had managed to Houdini-himself out of his swaddle and probably turned that thing on while he was wiggling around! He was super happy though!

Seth & our BEST Christmas present in front of the tree
Excited (I think?) for his new toy!

So excited to open presents!!

And look who likes to chill in his exersaucer?? He’s still a little small for it but he likes to sit and look at all the toys.

Next up, pictures from the rest of our holiday! I’m still sifting through all of those :)

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