Jake’s 1st Christmas – Part Two

Um yeah…

As you can tell from the picture above, Jake definitely looted up this Christmas! It’s just a shame nobody loves the poor kid…

We got to see loads of family for Christmas in a short period of time…this time of year is always crazy! We are blessed to have most of our family within a few hours of travel so it made things a little easier. Just not sure what Jake thought of everything. Luckily he was a star in his carseat…probably because Mom sat back there to entertain him! On our last day away, we had a crying fit that wouldn’t end and figured that he was finally DONE.

Jake and Grandpa…gosh, my dad does NOT look like a grandpa!! None of our parents do, in fact. We will probably look back on these pictures in 20 years and laugh…but I’m digging myself in a hole now so I think I’ll stop.

Nana & Jake watching TV…his favorite hobby!

Playing with his (Great Grand) Papa. I love this picture!

Jake has gotten to where he loves to sit up. He also really “needs” to be involved in what’s going on…so he’s constantly looking around and working the crowd. This makes going to sleep nearly impossible.

Modeling his new Aggie shirt from Aunt Rachel. It’s so cute…it says “Hang on Aggies, I’m Coming!”

Goofing around

I’m so glad Jake got to meet more of his great grandparents! Papa & Nanny promised to take him to the Tyler Zoo when we go see them next. Jake can’t wait!

We did miss seeing Uncle Kyle & Aunt Emily and will hopefully be able to catch up with them soon. It’s getting harder and harder to get everyone together during the holidays. :(

We’re going a little out of order here, but Jake also got to spend some time with Seth’s extended family. Lots of people got to meet him for the first time so of course, more excitement!

The Anderle men (and Granny). Chase, Seth, Granny, Jake, James (Popo), and Uncle Mark

Waiting to open some more presents!

Getting to meet his Cousin Matt, Great Uncle Mark, and Great Granny!

Jake & Granny

Uncle Chase loved getting to spend time with his nephew!

Jake with his Popo & Nonnie

This picture pretty much sums up our out of town experience. Our child was getting CONSTANT attention! Great Aunt Cynthia and cousins Jarad & Avery.

Sportin’ some new shades with Great Aunt Wanda

Phew, I’m tired…are you? We were glad to get home and now our next project is to figure out what to do with all Jake’s new toys! I’m not sure if I should push my luck yet though…after our bedroom project, Seth swore off manual labor for awhile!

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