Jake’s 2nd Birthday Party

Ohhh you didn’t think I forgot to post about Jake’s birthday party did you? The amount of pictures in this post might be slightly obnoxious but hey, I’m the mom and can do whatever I want.

First of all, I had the cutest invitations made…

Amy from Proffitt Productions (click to see her Etsy shop!) is awesome. She has done so many invites for me and even did Drew’s birth announcement. I just email her what I’m thinking (which most likely includes a lot of “Umm, I don’t know. Maybe this…or that. I’m not sure. Whatever you think”) and she gets back to me right away with something I love. And best part is, she’s cheap. So there’s my little plug for Amy!

Our theme was planes, trains, and automobiles which pretty much encompasses everything Jake is into these days. Besides a last minute scheduling issue which caused us to change the party location (aaagghh), everything was perfect and I hope Jake had a great time!

Amy also designed these cupcake toppers to match his invite…again…super easy and cheap! And thanks to my awesome neighbor, Lindsey, for helping me ice the cupcakes!!

We had PB&J in the shape of trains along with hot dogs…because who doesn’t love hot dogs?

Party favors were chocolate donuts (aka “spare tires”). Thank you Pinterest!!

Mama and the birthday boy…shortly after I was renamed “MoMMY’. Sigh, my little boy is growing up! As long as he doesn’t start calling me “Mom” yet.

Jessie, Kyle, and Bailey. I think this was Bailey’s 1st birthday party!

Love this face. And I love Blake’s face in the background – ha! Jake wasn’t sure what to think of everyone singing to him but loved the clapping at the end!

We were excited to see Justin and Kristen with sweet Elizabeth!

Aunt Rachel, Uncle Michael, Grandpa, and Aunt Emily

Matt, Georgia, and Kennedy

Um, not the best picture but it was the best one I got of his shirt. I also got this off Etsy and it was so cute! The dump truck had the number “2″ coming out the back.

The seesaw was a big hit with all the kids!!

(Carson, Jack, Blake, Paige, Zoe, Macie, Luke)

Don’t worry, Drew was there too! He got to love on his Aunt Emily a lot!

Awesome picture. Jake loves taking family pictures almost as much as his daddy!

And opening presents…

Jake took every present straight to Uncle Chase. He wanted everything opened NOW. I just had him start handing them to different people and then they would hide them. We had to put a few up for a rainy day! It’s a long time until next October!

Surprise! Popo and Nonnie got Jake a train table…he is in HEAVEN.

He always gets the coolest books from Nana…she has pretty much stocked our bookshelf!

Jake also looooves this car garage (or something, who knows) that Nana got him. The cars race down the tracks…right up his alley. Again, didn’t want to take pictures when he could be playing!

I thought this face was so funny. Eveytime he’d open something new he’d get this look and go, “WHOA!!!!!” I think it’s safe to say he now “gets” the whole present opening experience.

“BIIIIIIG MOOOOOR KRU KRU” (Big Monster Truck…how could you not get that?) from Mommy and Daddy

Loving life with his new toys!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with Jake’s party and all the family that came in town to celebrate! I’m not sure he understands yet how lucky he is to have so many people that love him! We have such a wonderful family, great neighbors, and awesome friends that all came to celebrate our little boy. How he’s 2 is just beyond me.

And if you’ve made it this far, congrats…this might be my longest post yet!

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