Jake’s Stats

Today Jake weighed in at a hefty…

6 lbs 15 oz!

Talk about a growing boy! He gained 11 oz in 9 days. Breaks a mama’s heart to see her little boy growing so fast.

(I think I might have scared our doctor. It’s not that I don’t want him to grow…it just happens too quickly!)

That puts him in either the 5th or 8th percentile (the nurse didn’t have the best handwriting)

He was also 20 inches long. So that means he’s grown a HALF INCH since birth. Crazy.

In other news, as they were taking his temperature (rectally…super fun) the following took place…

Mary: So, do babies ever poop on the thermometer while you’re taking their temp? That’d be so gross!

Nurse: Oh yeah, things like that happen someti…

Jake: Totally inappropriate bodily noise that results in a jet spray of poop

Nurse: Taking cover

Mary: Oh…hmmm…betcha wish you wore a mask!

He continues to make us so proud!!!

3 thoughts on “Jake’s Stats

  1. I actually thought that happened everytime they had a temp taken rectally becuase I have heard if you have a constipated baby, just take their temp…seriously. I am warning you. :-)

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