Little Boy

Well, first things first. Gone are the days of gummy smiles and toothless grins.

(Maybe those are the same thing)

Anyway…we are proud to annouce that our firstborn has recently aquired 2 bottom teeth. No wonder we’ve been having teething nightmares over here!

It also kinda sounds like I just announced his high school graduation or something. But we are proud nonetheless :)

I will be sure to share pictures once they come through a little more. And those little boogers are sharp! It’s like having a puppy all over again! At least this one doesn’t have accidents on the floor.


I’m sorry, but where did my little baby boy go?

Oh right, there he is…being a big boy and pushing around his truck. Sigh.

For the 4 or 5 of you who are wondering if he’s crawling yet…no. Jake does not have time to crawl. All he wants to do it stand. On/against everything! He is getting very brave as you can see below…

He sometimes forgets he’s holding onto something and will completely let go, realize what he’s done, and fall. But Tucker enjoys this because he still gets petted while Jake plays. He moves from toy to toy (as long as they’re close enough) and has recently discovered the walls.

Wondering what in the world his puppies are doing

I thought this was so cute because he looks so little and big at the same time!

Then…he got stuck at the post. That’s what mommies are for.

Driving already? I figured we should start with the plastic truck before moving to the Chevy.

Jake is so excited for his daddy to be home on Monday for Memorial Day. Hopefully lots of pool time is in our future and this pale mama can work on her tan!

Speaking of mama and working, I have one more week until I start my new part-time job! I am weirdly excited but nervous too. Jake will get quality time with some of his friends and I will go be a productive member of society again…teaching the youth of the world the principles of accounting and then secretly wondering if I should tell them to change their major to elementary education so they get summers off and longer Christmas breaks.

Just saying.

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