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I just realized I haven’t blogged since Thursday. Oopsie!

Look kids, I’ve been a little busy, ok??

We had a fun weekend and it’s hard to believe Jake will be turning 2 weeks old on Thursday! He might as well be getting his driver’s license. Anyway…Emily & Kyle came to visit and spend time with their new nephew. They loved him (of course) and we made sure they changed every stinky diaper during their stay.

Kidding. I’m not that mean. But that would be a good policy for visitors. “You want to visit? Ok…but please change one dirty diaper on your way out!”


Potty training cannot come soon enough.

We didn’t do a whole lot, seeing as how the whole world is infested with major flu/swine flu/other nasty germs, but we did at least take Jake to the pumpkin patch at our church on Saturday afternoon. It was awful sunny and kiddo needed some shades but at least it was warm enough for him to sleep through all the picture taking. Because that’s really what all this is about.

Jake with Aunt Emily & Uncle Kyle

His newborn Halloween outfit swallowed him!

I also tried to pose Jake for more pictures on Sunday. So beware, you’re about to see more cuteness.

You’re welcome.

Daddy reading Jake a bedtime story

Disclaimer: The following picture is not an indication of a bad mom. Just a wiggly baby…

I took a nap one afternoon and woke up to find Jake sideways in his swing. Oops. I was a little horrified. Didn’t think he was big enough to need strapping in. Apparently I was wrong…

Don’t worry, it won’t happen again. Seth told me not to post this picture. But at least we got a good laugh!

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