On a Roll!

I feel like Jake has grown up so much in the past couple weeks. I’m not sure what’s happened but this kid is BUSY! He must have quite the agenda when he wakes up in the morning. Between all the playing, eating, and sleeping, it’s a wonder he gets anything done!

Here’s just a peek into your life lately little boy…

- Ever since you learned to roll onto your tummy, you are EVERYWHERE. You are rolling all over your crib (never in the same place we put you). Last night you woke me up crying because you’d rolled yourself into the corner and were stuck on your tummy. It’s a rough life!

- You are also getting more comfortable on your tummy and learning to do things like this:

Uh oh, here he comes!

(Well, you aren’t crawling yet, but I think that army crawling at least is right around the corner.)

- I’m going to go ahead and say you are an official sitter! You have been for a couple weeks now. You can sit up on your own, unassisted, for a long time! Yesterday you played sitting up for at least 30 minutes!

- You sat in your first restaurant high chair and loved it! I didn’t hear a peep from you the entire time. You loved all the people watching and looked like a BIG boy!

- You love the computer (you are currently trying to take over the keyboard), my cell phone, and the TV remote. Of course.

- You can hold objects in your hands for a long period of time. I can say, “Hey, hold this!” and if it’s interesting enough, you will. Plus, everything goes in your mouth!

- You love green beans with all your heart. Yesterday you ate 3 cubes! (almost 1 jar of baby food). However, you hate applesauce with all your heart! I don’t understand how that’s possible!! You spit it right out.

- You love our faces. You love to grab our cheeks, nose, chin, etc. You love to feel Daddy’s beard (only on the weekends when he doesn’t shave!)

- You experience a little bit of stranger anxiety. You definitely don’t like sudden movements or people that you don’t know well picking you up.

- You are very independent (I think at least!) You like to play with your toys and either ignore us or focus on Tucker instead.

- Speaking of Tucker, you LOVE HIM! You could care less about Maggie (and the feeling is mutual). But you stop whatever you’re doing if you see him and reach out to pet him. And for the record, he loves you too! Yesterday you reached out to grab his leg and he kept walking. You fell over this time, but I bet you’ll have fun chasing him around soon!

- You are always smiling or laughing now!

- You are so predictable. You’re like clockwork with naps, eating, bedtime, etc. This makes it very easy on us! You take two (2 hour) naps and one (1 hour) nap pretty consistently during the day and sleep about 11 hours at night. I still feed you 5 times a day but we’re trying to get down to 4. You put yourself to sleep and are so happy when you wake up!

- You are happiest right after bathtime! Or now maybe when you’re eating those green beans :)

- You sleep with your lovey blanket…it’s so sweet! We had issues for awhile with you always putting it over your face (we will not tell our pediatrician about this!!!) but now you tuck it under your arm and go right to sleep.

- You are starting to suck on your thumb and prefer it over your pacifier.

I’m sure I’m leaving many things out because you change daily! We are having so much fun with you and can’t wait to see what’s next…

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