Our Month in Pictures

Sadly, what you’re about to see is our photographic evidence of Jake’s 10th month. Luckily we have professional pictures coming up at the end of next month so his life can be documented a little more er…professionally?

Today we decided to bust out the Christmas present (obviously a tad early) and take the kiddo for a ride down the street. Come December 25th, there will be a bow on this wagon and it’ll be under the tree and all of you pretend you never knew any different…deal?

Seth steered of course. Jake seems fascinated by the shadows. Doesn’t take much!
Love those eyes…
(This 12-18 month hat is too small for him. It fit just last month! How sad is that. Barely in size 2 shoes, wearing 6-9 month clothes, and now in a 24 month hat???)
Hold on tight! I was so proud of him – we sat him down and he immediately held onto the side (no seatbelt to keep him still) and sat nicely the entire ride. Probably pure coincidence :)

Like I said, picture quality is poor. HOWEVER, if the balloon was not covering his face, you might could tell he was standing all by himself! He does this for brief seconds without realizing it. We blew up some balloons this afternoon because he saw a kid with one at church (I think they got them for Promotion Sunday) and he about had heart attack!

In the spirit of randomness…

Someone learned early how to push around the food on his plate to make it look like he ate some. Nice try, but we’re onto you kid! Notice how he’s looking away all nonchalant.

Someone also looooves digging around in the bathroom cabinets. His favorite things are a travel sized bottle of shampoo and conditioner (they’re pink…not a good sign). He always manages to find them and proceeds to crawl around the house with one in each hand.

Last week we had our first experience at Pump It Up. Kids 2 and under are free so I think we’ll be going back a lot! Jake wasn’t too sure about the inflatables but the rest of the kids had a great time! Give it 6 more months and he will go NUTS there.

Wow, super easy to get a group picture!!
Kim, Jack, Kedra, Blake, Jake, and Mason. Sweet boys but…I have a feeling we’d never get a good shot with everyone smiling!

He may not have had fun bouncing around…but he did like looking OUT of the inflatable!

Please notice how much taller Blake and Jack are than Jake. Like 36 inches. Hopefully he hits a growth spurt before basketball tryouts!

Jake has gotten really good at handing things to people. I’ll say “Can Mama have it?” or “Can Daddy have it?” and he’ll hand over whatever he’s got in his hands…with a small stipulation. He must have it back. Indian giver!

Had to include this because he just looks OLD! Sometimes I don’t snap the bottom of his rompers…easier for diaper changes. So sue me.

Seth took this picture last weekend when I was gone. He mismatched his pajamas JUST so he could take a picture and show me. Men. How Jake slept with both monsters and spaceships, I’ll never know! :)

Again, no pants…oops! I said he likes to crawl with things in his hands…this day he went to town with his maracas (Sheila, this shouldn’t surprise you).

Trying to pet his Maggie dog. She couldn’t be more disinterested.

Whew. There you have it! I included these all in one post mostly because I felt guilty for not sharing pictures lately!

I’ll have to get pictures of some other new “skills”. Jake is now a fanatic about putting things IN something. Today he sat with his nesting cups for awhile just trying to figure out which one fit in the other one. What a little engineer. He likes to put balls in baskets, in the basketball goal, toys in the bathtub…catch my drift? It’s so fun to watch him learn!

As Kedra pointed out the other day, his birthday is in SIX WEEKS!! His invitations are the cutest and we are so excited for his paw-ty (hint hint).

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