Paci Free, That’s Me!

Well, Jake technically, not ME. I think I’ve been paci free for at least 26 years…

Last Wednesday, we finally took away Jake’s beloved pacifier. I was dreading the day. Mostly because ever since his 1st birthday, he had developed an obsession with the pacifier. It was like WWIII trying to get it out of his mouth sometimes. Seth had been on me for months about doing this and finally took matters into his own hands.

Much to my surprise, Jake went to bed just fine without a pacifier last Wednesday night and hasn’t seemed to miss it since! (Seth is clearly feeling pretty cocky about this whole experience…). I thought the next few days would be a disaster, especially since we were out of town this past weekend but he seems to have adjusted fine and “paci” is now considered a bad word in our house. Well, until Drew comes along at least.

Let’s just hope we don’t have to re-fight the paci battle then.

In the meantime, Jake has developed a weird obsession with his Buzz Lightyear sippy cup. He typically has his blanket in one arm and an empty cup in the other. He loves him some Buzz. I kept wondering what we could give him in place of the pacifier…I guess he has made his decision. :)

Our little boy is growing up!

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