Potty Trained and It Feels so GOOD

No, this picture has nothing to do with potty training. Unless it makes you feel so good that you want to stand on your head!

Jake has been wearing “big boy” underwear for 2 weeks now and there’s no going back! We are so proud of him (but mostly proud of ourselves for not having to change his dirty diapers anymore)! I’ve even been brave enough to let him wear underwear on an out-of-town car trip, to school, and to Target. So far so good.

┬áNow if only Drew would jump on this bandwagon…

2 thoughts on “Potty Trained and It Feels so GOOD

  1. Teach me your ways! I feel like Jake and Ezra are a lot alike so I need to know how you went about it. Ezra doesn’t seem like he is the kind that will “let me know when he’s ready” like so many people tell me, so I am guessing I’m going to have to take the lead. Any tips?

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