Rub a Dub Dub

Seth was gone last night and Jessie was so nice to come over and get Jake ready for bed while I went to class. I was checking email on our break and was pleasantly surprised with this picture:

See, I told you he smiled! I laughed out loud and almost showed the entire class but then that could’ve opened a can of worms and I would’ve been back tomorrow night with an entire Jake slideshow.

On second thought, they might actually enjoy it compared to what we’re learning in class!

I also came home to another surprise…

Do any of you have friends that salivate at the thought of organizing? Of cleaning things out? Packing up and moving JUST so they can put fresh shelf liner down in their cabinets?

I have 2 such friends.

It completely weirds me out. Why you’d want to spend time cutting shelf paper, laminating recipes, and alphabetizing your spice rack is beyond me. YET, I always find myself coveting their organization skills, their clean pantries, and their “neat” junk drawers. (Is that even possible??)

I had mentioned to Jessie that I’d started cleaning out my bathroom drawers yesterday. It was high time to go through our collection of sample toothpaste, extra floss, lotions, and more. I was so proud of myself for getting rid of that junk and said that I could probably use some shelf paper just so the drawers/cabinets wouldn’t get so dirty.

Remember those friends that salivate?

Well, I don’t have a picture, but when I got home, Jessie had shelf-papered all my bathroom cabinets and drawers and even organized them in the process! I was super embarassed because I hadn’t wiped down the cabinets and Lord knows what all she had to clean out, but let me tell you something…I can’t stop looking at them because it looks so nice! I’m afraid I’m tempted to add shelf paper in the kitchen and pantry now. I never did because we moved into a brand new house but OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

Thanks for the help! You’re all welcome to come shelf paper anytime.

Or dust.

Or mop.

Or organize the master closet…

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