School’s Out for the Summer!

Jake finished his first year of preschool two weeks ago and we were so proud of him!  He grew leaps and bounds, even at such a young age.  I think the most important thing was learning to listen to other adults, sharing with other children, and walking in a line.  Gotta start somewhere, right? :)  Jake had the most wonderful teachers and we sure will miss them this summer!

Jake and mommy on the first day of school

Um…not quite what I had in mind for our last day of school picture but at some point I just had to give up.  But let’s point out the redeeming qualities of this picture.
-He’s not holding onto mommy (improvement)
-He is picking his nose (bad habit probably picked up from preschool friends)
-He let me put gel in his hair (improvement)
So, it looks like we ended up better off after all! :)  I promise to try harder next year.  

(At least he made it up to me by smiling pretty for our family pictures)

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