See? Told You I Was Behind…

So…maybe these pictures are 2+ months old but who doesn’t love reminiscing about their favorite baby?

Kedra took these while she was still keeping Jake back in March. Babysitter AND photographer? We had a sweet deal! He misses her, Mason, & Lauren so much…good thing they’re right around the corner if he needs a playdate!

Handsome boy!!
Jake is awesome at slouching/lounging in chairs (or highchairs or shopping carts or basically anywhere he kinda needs to sit up straight)

Love them! I’m so sad he can’t wear this outfit anymore. It was one of my favorites.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Kedra! He can model for you anytime :)

2 thoughts on “See? Told You I Was Behind…

  1. thank you! it’s not the photographer… it’s the precious subject that I had!!! He’s so cute it’s hard not to get a cute picture!! I miss him!

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