Smiles, Daddy’s Awesome, and We Have a Name!

What? That subject line doesn’t make complete sense?

First things first, I’m about 98% sure we’ve decided on a name for baby #2.

Except I can’t tell you.

I have thrown out hundreds of names to Seth. Hundreds. And while he still doesn’t stray from his “favorite” name, he won’t commit to it either. I tried to explain to him that I neeeeed something to call this baby. To which he affectionately replied, “Baby”. But that doesn’t work for me folks. So I made the executive decision this weekend to start referring to baby as said name until he says otherwise. Because I’ve yet to hear any more good suggestions from him.

(Basically, this will be the name.)

(I think.)

So all of you can rest in peace knowing that we will be a little prepared come June.

Moving on.

Jake had some extra time with Daddy last week due to the big ice & snow storm in Houston. Except there wasn’t any snow and I never saw any ice. BUT, it was enough for him to get an early release on Thursday and the day off on Friday! And I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Jake looooooves his daddy. And by loooooooooove and I mean loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove.

Get the picture?

He just clings to him when he’s around. They are so sweet together and it gives me a little break in the meantime!
Snuggling with Daddy. You think he’d ever do this with me? Not a chance. (Seth wasn’t asleep either…maybe he closed his eyes for dramatic effect?)

Playing (pants-less) with Daddy and Tucker. Tucker has some issues with personal space.

And because it’s always so difficult to get a smiling picture of Jake, I was able to take full advantage when Seth was home to get a few. I’m kicking myself for some really cute ones that weren’t in focus.

Being goofy

Love this silly boy!

Kiddo loves the MegaBloks!

Jake also does a good job of keeping himself occupied while I get ready in the morning. Today he was super interested in what was on the counter and since he’s not tall enough to see, I got him situated a little more comfortably.

I’m just glad he didn’t turn the water on! And don’t worry, I was right behind supervising.

Pretending to take a shower like Mom

Looks can be deceiving…he may look cute but was also up to no good! :)

A couple weeks ago we watched his friend, Lexi while her parents went out. Jake was nice enough to share his bedtime story with her.

We had a weather teaser yesterday when it warmed up and we could even wear short sleeves. But now it’s back to being cold again. I don’t know why I look forward to summer so much because I don’t like the hot weather but I am getting a little tired of all the cold and layering our clothes.

Have a great week!

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