Soakin’ up Sun

Never fear, we’re still here! I won’t make excuses for not updating. This was unacceptable. Shame on me.

On with the post!

I thought this past weekend would be nice, calm, and relaxing. Instead we were busy, busy, busy! I had a baby shower on Saturday for my crazy fun friend, Cathy (can’t wait to meet you, Charlotte!!!) and then we all drove out to Huntsville afterward to see Baby Sara and to wish her daddy well as he gets ready to head back to Iraq. :( Gonzalo, we’re so proud of you for serving our country and hope you get back soon!

Jessie, Sara, Jake (not his best face), and me. Sara was a great example of a calm, sleeping newborn. Didn’t hear her cry once. Lucky!

Mom & Dad with their beautiful baby girl

What a perfect picture! Such a goofball!

We thought we’d spend lots of time outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. I can’t wait for the day that Jake can run around with the other kids on the street and play at the park. Except for now let’s focus on him being my not-so-little baby! I hate to rush things but I think it will be so fun!

And tiring…

We sat out in the grass and ate our alphabet toy. YUM!

Seth just told me that Jake is going to be mad when he sees this picture one day and will wonder why we made him wear that ridiculous hat. Well, you know what? We were protecting you from the UV rays, my child!

We also took Jake and the dogs to the park. The dogs had so much fun playing in our neighborhood “lake” and have discovered that water is sorta fun after all. We’re not brave enough to let them swim off on their own but it’s so funny to watch! Jake will have a blast with them in a couple years!

Jake, on the other hand, was not super impressed with the park. We spent some time on the swing but he just looked at us with a face that seemed to say, “Guys stop. I am sooo over swinging.”

Bored stiff

Someone looooves his puppies! They are such good sports, letting him grab their fur and pull!

Seth is on Spring Break this week so we are doing super crazy things like going to bed before 9pm!! Ah, it doesn’t get much better than this! :)

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