Storybook Parade

Today Jake’s preschool had a “Storybook” parade. Which basically means to wear your Halloween costume, but we have to be church-appropriate here, right? We all know that Jesus didn’t dress up and trick-or-treat with Peter, James, and John.

Or did he? I digress.

I had several ideas for dressing up as an actual book character but made the last minute decision this morning to just have Jake wear his Halloween costume. The sentence you just read describes an activity that left me a little out of breath. Because if you know Jake, you know there’s no “just doing” something.

See for yourself:

I’m actually amazed the nylon Wal-Mart costume was up to the challenge of staying in one piece as Jake tried to rip it to shreds. And p.s. if you think THAT was a bad temper tantrum…


That was contained in 5 minutes. Try an hour.

Anyway. As soon we got in the car, Jake couldn’t stop talking about his Buzz costume. Of course, right? And once he saw all the other kids dressed up at school, I think he was starting to warm up to the idea.

Drew and I waited with the other parents until everyone was ready for their “parade” through the halls. Jake was The big kids lined the hallway and were clapping for the little kids.

Jake looooves Miss Laura!

Duh, I’m cute! To infinity and beyond!

Our neighbor, Luke, was also in the parade as a cowboy.

Hey, there’s my mommy! I thought he would get mad and want to leave when he saw me but he just waved and kept walking.

I love my little Buzz and hope he is equally excited to wear his costume on Monday evening! “Woody” will be joining him in the stroller. The jury is still out on whether or not Seth will accompany as Mr. Potato Head…

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