The Big Brother Blues

This morning before church we had a knock-down, drag out fight over wardrobe. I’ll give you a hint who it involved.

Not me and not Seth.

Here’s a portion of the tantrum. My neighbor commented that we might be hitting the terrible 2′s a little early after some random displays of…well…tantrums while playing outside last week. My bigger worry is that this isn’t a preview of the terrible 2′s and they’ll be that much worse! :)

Seth thinks this video is mean, but hey…you have to laugh!

Just be glad I didn’t videotape the part where we had to put his super cute blue & white gingham button up shirt over this one.

Boys just do not understand that beauty is sometimes painful!

4 thoughts on “The Big Brother Blues

  1. Mary, I totally feel your pain. Beck was very opinionated early on about clothing. I know you are laughing now, but if it still is going on in a couple years…you may be crying just as hard as he is. I had to give up some of my fight on clothing and now I am just so thankful B wears a uniform to school everyday. Good luck!

  2. life is rough for 1 year olds- i totally feel your pain! sunday clothes are the absolute worst to put on- there are always tears invloved at our house as well! i’m choosing to blame this behavior on teething because there is NO WAY our sweet babies are this stinky :)

  3. I love this video! It reminds me of home. Calyn is 5 and she still throws a fit about her outfits.Sometimes she wins and leaves the house looking like a 5 year old dressed her and not mommy or daddy.
    Hopefully your wardrobe woes will not last as long as ours have.

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