Things Jake Says (Part 2)

I could probably write a novel just on the funny things that Jake says.  His vocabulary has grown like crazy and he sometimes has us wondering just where he learned certain words!  
(We will never let our friend Garrett hear the end of it because one time Jake randomly said a bad word and when asked who taught him that he said, “Mr. Garrett”.  HA!)
(He didn’t really teach him the word.)
(To my knowledge at least.)
(And I didn’t either, just for the record!)
I try to keep a list of the really funny things but I only have so many pieces of paper.  So…
-Chic Fil A is “Chick elay”.  It used to be “Choo Choo lay”.  He looooves going there and will point out the restaurant if we drive by.
-As all little boys, he is obsessed with superheros.  His favorite is Batman and he has been talking about his Batman birthday party for FOREVER.  Months.  He also wants to be Batman for Halloween and wants Drew to be “Jokert”.  NOT Joker.  Jokert.  (We also eat dinnert).
-Instead of Humpty Dumpty, he calls him “Honky Donky”.  Hysterical.  He has changed it a couple times to “Hunky Dunky”.  But he will say the nursery rhyme like this, “Honky Donky sat on a wall, he fell off and the egg broke!  All the king’s horses couldn’t put him all back together??” (While shaking his head side to side)

(Carousel ride from a date with Mommy a couple weeks ago – I know, I’m super cool!)
-His friends Macie & Lexi were the ones who introduced him to the applesauce pouches.  So now he calls it “MacieLexi applesauce”.  He would even request it at school.  I’m sure his teachers thought we were nuts.  We also have MacieLexi milk (boxed milk) and MacieLexi popsicles (Go-Gurt).
-Instead of fish sticks, we eat “fish nuggets”.  Chicken spaghetti is also “chicken nugget spaghetti”.
-He calls Drew “Little Boy Drew” and “Drewbie”.  Sometimes I call Drew “Captain Crazy” because he is just that.  I told Jake he would be “Captain Cookie” because he loves cookies and he looked at me like I was a moron and said, “No, I’m just Jake”.  He also says that if I call him “Jake the Snake”.  He’ll say “I’m not a snake, I’m a big boy”. :)

(Again, from our date…lunch at Panera.  So happy to get some one-on-one time with Mommy!)
-The other day we were reading a book about God and at the end he said “Amen!…oops, not amen!” and got a little embarrassed.  It was so cute.
-When we say something like, “Hey, who did that?”, he’ll say “I!” instead of me.
-Jake still calls his lovey his “bay bay”.  We usually try to correct him but this one is just too cute to change.

-I make pigs in a blanket a lot and Jake gets confused sometimes and calls them “towel pigs”.  Same general idea, right? :)

-It’s funny because when you have kids, you realize things you must say a lot.  Jake frequently says, “Oh man!” and always works “probably” into sentences…not always in the correct way.  It cracks me up because he uses it so seriously.  For instance, I’ll give him his lunch and he’ll look at it, make a face and say something like, “I probably don’t like that.  I probably not hungry no more.”.  HA.  

-He rolls his eyes at me.  A lot.  We have seen some major ‘tude lately.  If I ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do, he’ll point his finger at me and say, “NO, no no no no no no no.”  So sweet………
(You know I’m sarcastic, right?)
-The other day he told me Drew got 2 pops for having a dirty diaper!  Not sure where that came from but he’s also started putting toys in time out.  Specifically Batman and Woody.  They are the worst behaved.
-Jake remembers everything!  When we went to the store today he asked if we were getting a Batman costume (for Halloween).  I talked about that weeks ago.  He just doesn’t let it go!  Definitely the most strong-willed little kid I know.  He is really observant and pays attention to little details.  We will read a book with a huge dinosaur on the page and instead he will point out a little bird in the corner.  When driving he will point out letters on signs (‘Look, there’s a “B”!) or pictures on billboards (do they have to be impressionable at such a young age??)
This doesn’t even begin to capture everything but I really wanted to write this down so that I can look back and maybe remember some of these cute things!  I’m sure we’ll have a Part 3 sooner than later. :)

3 thoughts on “Things Jake Says (Part 2)

  1. ha! noah puts toys in time-out too- mostly cars or animals. and we have to give them spankings. usually they are doing the exact same thing he did 5 minutes earlier that landed him in time-out! at least they are learning what results in a time-out?

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