Three Weeks Old!

The wonderful and talented Brittany came and took some newborn pictures of Jake last week! He is just like his father and was SO excited to be in front of the camera…

Here are some more sneak peaks and I’ll link to her blog once she posts more.

We are lucky to have friends so talented with their cameras!! Dabney (aka “Auntie D”) is flying in later this afternoon to meet Jake for the first time and I guarantee you she’ll also have fancy camera and photoshop in tow. Bet you can guess what we’ll be doing the next couple of days!!!


Otherwise known as my maternity leave is 1/4 over. Boo :(

But he is getting so big! We’ve guestimated that he’s maybe 7.5 lbs right now. What in the world??? He is officially out of preemie clothes and well into newborn clothes too…so finally we can start wearing the 80 bajillion outfits we have. You’ve never seen a baby boy with so many clothes!

Helllloooo photo ops!

Although Seth might kill me if he found out I was playing dress up with his son during the day…

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