Two by Two

Since Jake loves his Noah board book so much, I decided to take him to play with a REAL Noah :)

In all seriousness, it had been waaaay, extremely, embarassingly too long since we’d seen sweet Noah, so a visit was long overdue. As you can see, neither boy cared about the actual toys…Paula’s plastic lemons were much better.

Trying to play nice. If I’d known that plastic fruit was the trick, we could’ve saved a lot of money over the last 10 months!

It’s like a fruit stand-off??

All I wanted was a nice, sweet picture of the two of them. They’re future college roommates, you know.

Why look at the camera when we can look at whatever is off to the right instead!

Thanks Noah! Jake was too invested in his citrus.

Jake is super excited to see Noah again next weekend and I just can’t believe how fast the two of them have grown. Almost ONE YEAR ago, we had a joint baby shower to prepare for these two boys. It’s amazing how much has changed since then!!

2 thoughts on “Two by Two

  1. what mary didn’t mention was that she cleaned my house, did laundry AND cooked me dinner all before i got home from work! yall can come over ANYTIME ;)

    we loved playing with you guys- we need to never let that much time lapse between visits again!

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