Weekend Recap

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday evening…where did this weekend go???

First off, I worked my first Friday since returning to work. Talk about injustice. I somehow managed to time vacation on the Fridays that I do work (I get every other one off) up until now so while it made it a nice transition to only have 4 day weeks…I was getting a little used to the 3 day weekend!!!

I know, I have the saddest life ever, right?

Jake got to spend time with his “Auntie D” and JC, who came in town this past weekend. Last time Dabney came, Seth made her vacuum (Jake was a newborn) so frankly, I’m surprised she came back. But we reconciled and I let her play with Jake in lieu of housework. We also got to spend some quality time with his Auntie Paula & Uncle Ben (so blessed to have close friends that are practically family to us!!!) and friend (cousin??) Noah! These girls have put up with me for far too long and I’m so lucky to call them my friends! :)

It was Dabney’s dream to hold both Noah & Jake at the same time. We made her lift weights and perform various strength training exercises to make sure she was up to the challenge. It was quite rigorous. In the end, we decided maybe she better try it sitting down. Love you Dabs!

Paula, Dabney, Noah – 3 mos, Jake – 4.5 mos, Me
(Do the boys look safe and steady to you??)

How about we look at the TV (where else?) instead of the camera!

And look who decided to be a big boy this weekend??????? I might as well be walking him into Kindergarten!

Um, I know. Unassisted. For maybe 20-30 seconds? I don’t think Jake reeeally knew what was going on but this is a good start!

So stinkin’ proud of himself

Sitting up is sooo overrated, guys!

As you can see, the boys are still not too sure about each other. But they had a good old fashioned staredown.
And again!

Enjoying some Daddy love

Jake & Andrea. He’s started this new thing where he sticks his bottom lip out (not to cry) but just to get a reaction. He does this when someone besides us holds him (and he can see me or Seth still) and we could not stop laughing. What a goofball!

Play hard or go home!

We had such a fun weekend with friends and I am sad to leave Jake again tomorrow :( He’s got lots more fun things in store…we’re heading to San Antonio next weekend to see lots of family and La Grange the weekend after that. We’re about to see how well our road-tripping skills have improved since Christmas…

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