Welcome Baby Noah!

Today was a fun day for Jake – he got to meet another one of his good friends, Baby Noah! God has been so good to this sweet baby and his family. They had prepared themselves to stay in the hospital for a couple weeks after Noah’s birth for follow-up and testing on his heart (because of the SVT he had shown while Paula was pregnant with him). BUT, Noah was acing all the tests and looked so good in the hospital that they discharged both Paula and her baby boy yesterday! What a blessing.
Here’s Noah the day after he was born. And we thought Jake was tiny – ha! Noah is even tinier!

Paula and precious Noah at HOME

We decided to see what the boys thought of each other and how they measured up. I’m not sure if Noah is trying to cuddle up next to Jake or if Jake just popped him in the eye :)

“Get used to all the pictures, Noah”

So cute!

Jake looks enormous compared to him!
It doesn’t look like it here, but they are supposed to be the best of friends. Maybe they need a little more time?

Looks like I’m holding a baby doll!
We are so happy for you, Paula & Ben!

Jake was in rare form after his bath last night. Kicking and cooing and playing with his towel.

More smiles!

Oh I love this!

Jake has been trying to convince his daddy to hang up Christmas lights today. Unfortunately his power of persuasion isn’t working so much yet. So instead we’re discussing the story of Thanksgiving. Seth told him about the Indians and Pilgrims…how they shared food, ate pie, and watched football that afternoon. We all know that story, right? :)

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