What Jake’s Been Doing

Yikes. I am never going to be a world-renowned author at this rate.  The blog is totally going by the wayside lately.  Mostly because I just sit on the couch during the day and eat bon bons.

Don’t you all do the same?

It is officially spring in Houston (or so it feels like).  I even got my first sunburn this weekend – what in the world?!  We spent the weekend working in the yard and flowerbeds and when we came in on Sunday night, my neck and shoulders were bright red.  Ouch!

I feel like I am just in a time of life where there is always something that needs to be done.  The boys require a lot of attention, the house always needs something cleaned, work has to be done, and the occasional TV show needs to be watched.  When does life slow down?  I was thankful to have a lazy day at home with the boys.  We spent tons of time outside and Jake and I even watched a movie during “no-nap”.  I love taking time to just focus on them.  To put aside other agendas and remember that chores and errands can be done later.  To put up the computer, the phone, and anything else that can be distracting.  It’s hard but worth it at the end of the day!

So today I want to focus on Jake and share some recent pictures from my phone.

Normally our friend Jenn cuts Jake’s hair.  Because of some scheduling conflicts, I decided to just take Jake to Great Clips a couple weeks ago.  He was not happy with me!  He has finally gotten used to Jenn so he was a little uneasy.  They made him sit in the chair all by himself (he usually sits in my lap) but bribed him with some suckers.  Little guy did awesome and all was forgotten once he left with a handful of Dum Dums!

How is he looking so old?

Naps are getting few and far between.  But when he actually falls asleep during naptime, it’ll be for a good 3 hours.  Drew and I had to go wake Jake up on this particular day because he almost slept until dinnertime.  Normally he will wake up as soon as you turn the doorknob but this picture just proves how tired he was!  We were able to take a few pictures and he was surprised to see us standing there (a little creepy I guess).

Sportin’ mama’s shades on his Power Wheels.  He is into “racing” down the street.  Today he assigned me his little scooter to ride on.  I’m sure it was quite the sight.
One word that really describes Jake lately is “joy”.  I am amazed to see the world through a little boy’s eyes.  The littlest things make him so happy and we share lots of giggles during the day.  Today he sat with me on the couch to look at old pictures and was being so goofy.  Both my boys make the craziest faces!  


This one makes me laugh.  He kept making this face over and over, calling it his “funny face”.

Up to no good

It is fun to just sit and have a conversation with him now.  The past 6 months have brought so much change! Jake narrates his life (“Jake do this!” “Jake under there” “Me do it!”) and we crack up at the things he says.

My little boy is growing up too fast! :(

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