What Jake’s Been Up To…

So what has Jake been up to lately? Being cute, that’s what!

I love my overalls – thanks Josh & Ashley!

Chubby cheeks!

Jake, at 3 months you:

- eat about 6 oz of milk per bottle/feeding
- go to bed around 8 or 8:30 and wake up between 5:30-6 (and sometimes a few times in between too)
- hold your hands together like you’re praying (so proud of you for talking to Jesus!!)
- love bathtime and being naked
- wear 0-3 month clothes
- are almost in size 2 diapers
- take about three 45 min to hour-long naps a day…if you’re not fighting sleep! We’re working on this…
- are finally getting used to your carseat…you don’t always cry in it anymore!!
- are such a happy boy!
- love to look at yourself in the mirror
- are starting to look like your mommy! (or so everyone has been telling us – yea!)
- like to watch your puppies
- weigh about 12 pounds
- always want attention…we get yelled at if we turn our back to you!
- are the love of our life!

3 thoughts on “What Jake’s Been Up To…

  1. Jake, being cute? Who would have thought?? I can’t wait to see him again! I’ve always thought he has your face shape, but he definitely is looking more and more like you now!

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