Where Everybody Knows Everybody…

This past weekend we headed to the “country” to see Seth’s family. One of the unexpected advantages is taking the dogs because they run their little behinds off and can’t do anything but lay down for 2 days straight after we get home.

I’m hoping that one day, someone else will run his little behind off and come home with the same level of exhaustion!

Nonnie & Popo were ready to see their grandson! They had a baby pool and swing ready to go and Jake loved all the attention and outside time.

But FIRST, we had to try on Daddy’s old football helmet. Slightly big and slightly dusty (does that mean you’re old, Seth??) This is your future, kid!

He also got to read his favorite book with Popo…Jake is super into books right now (love!) so we do a lot of reading during the day. Anything he can “touch and feel” is a big plus.

Remember the kid that doesn’t sit still? He lounged in this swing for an hour. I’m sorry, but who are you??

This was also an exciting part of the trip – they have a built-in dog gate and this was right up Jake’s alley of course! He continually crawled over to see the “Guhs”

It was nice and cool (relatively) under the shade tree out back so we spent the afternoon watching Jake in the baby pool. Life doesn’t get much better than that – ha!

Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous? :) How can one kid entertain so many people? Nobody could stop staring at all the cuteness.

Precious. Loving the attention!

What is this face?? I’m afraid I have many more years of looks like this one!!
(Yes, I was there too)

Thanks for having us! We enjoyed our trip and getting to catch up with everyone!

As a sidenote…

THIS was on our front porch a couple weeks ago:

I thought this grasshopper was quite large. And he stared at me. And I screamed and shut the door in his face. The picture doesn’t do it justice – it’s almost as wide as one brick!!!! I.hate.bugs.

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