You Asked, You Got It!

What’s that? You guys want more pictures of our beautiful baby boy? You don’t care about our dogs…or what I think about daytime TV…or….or…

I’ve lost you already haven’t I?

Ok, well here goes. He has been such an angel this past week (I keep wondering how much longer we have in the “baby honeymoon”…I hear 2 weeks tops!) so we are taking advantage of it while we can. I feel semi-rested, the house is semi-clean, and we even went on our first walk to the mailbox today. Then we promptly turned that stroller around and headed home because it feels like 100 degrees outside. In October. Sigh.

Hanging out with Daddy
Are they not the cutest?

Our little taco

We’re working on looking at the camera…hopefully we can perfect this skill by the holidays

Shortly after this picture was taken, this precious outfit was both peed & pooped on. Hey, at least all his “systems” work…
Well, helllllloooo ladies!

Please stop taking pictures of me, Mommy!

Look at how this outfit swallows him…it’s PREEMIE.

4 thoughts on “You Asked, You Got It!

  1. these pictures make him look even more like Seth. If that’s possible. tell jake thanks for the cuddles last night! noah already misses his friend sitting on him :)

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