10 Reasons My Blog is Suffering

1. My summer class ended last week and I had to read 25 research papers (I was glad for the other 10 that dropped! Yeah, my class should scare you.), grade finals, and submit grades.

2. Drew has had a GREAT week. For that I am so thankful. But it seemed like whenever Jake went down for his nap, Drew was up from his. I am looking forward to his schedule becoming a little more consistent so I can avoid that!

3. Our church had their annual children’s consignment sale (Little Lambs). If you recall, this was major last year. Major enough to evoke feelings of stress and competition in me I never knew existed. This time I was a little more laid-back being an old pro and all, but also because we cannot fit more toys in our house at this time. Jake played with friends and I strapped Drew on as he witnessed his mother run around like a maniac. Hey, I got Christmas presents for both boys and some shoes for Jake.

I’m already plotting my purchases for next year!

After about 10 minutes of crying that his mom took him shopping, the little guy zonked out!

4. This doesn’t have anything to do with it, but look at my (little) big boy!

I kinda feel like he got that look from me.

5. One of Drew’s new best friends, Bailey Ann, was born! I suppose I really can’t blame my lack of posting on her, but it sure is easier to cast the blame, right? :)

Sweet girl was born last Monday! We are so excited for Kyle & Jessie and their beautiful little girl!

6. I have not one, but two online classes starting tomorrow. So I have been busy setting everything up, writing quizzes & tests, and getting familiar with our new textbook (annoying). And best part is…as of tonight I have not one, not two, but 68 students enrolled.


I am so blessed to be able to do this from home, but sometimes some personal office space would be nice.

7. Seth started back to school last week and we are so excited for him to finish his LAST semester. Hallelujah!

8. Basically when I have free time, I don’t want to blog. Sorry. However, I have become shamelessly obsessed with Keeping up with the Kardashians this weekend. Quality Christian TV. I barely knew who any of them were, but now I am hooked!

9. Um….

10. I can’t think of a 10th reason either, but it really bugs me to end on 8.

Life with 2 kids sure is a lot busier!! I feel like I am constantly going. I cannot WAIT for another month or two when Drew will be going to bed around 7 or 7:30 and we can actually have our evenings back! (Sorry kid)

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons My Blog is Suffering

  1. I feel your pain. Mine are almost 6 and 3 though. I need about 30 more minutes per day. Oh who am I kidding, I wouldn’t use that 30 minutes to update the blog, I would probably be cooking, cleaning, playing on the floor with the kids or just sitting on my rear watching TV. :)

  2. 1) Ugh. research papers. I’d drop out of your class too

    2) One day, I will dread this

    3) you shop so early! I should use this as inspirating for my christmas shopping plans…

    4) I love it

    5) new babies can take all the blame. they won’t remember

    6) 68? that just sounds like more research paper reading. ugh

    7) Yay!

    8) You should watch ‘How the States Got Their Shapes’ or ‘Top Shot’ on the history channel. at least you’d feel better about ‘learning’?

    9) Seriously. Sometimes I wish I could find exactly the furniture I want for the living room.

    10) i hate bugs. there are crickets all over the office building. And saturday we found a newt in Elizabeth’s diaper bag. It was alive, but surprising.

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