3 Things…ok 4

1. Tell your husband you love him and think of one way to encourage him today!

Marla wrote a great post on her blog about respecting each other, especially our husbands. Check it out. We’re certainly not perfect but it’s a good reminder that the MEN in our lives need encouragement just as much as we do. And that nagging can get old. And become detrimental. As she said, “Some of them don’t even have a clue that they’re being completely disrespectful. Sinful. Some of them are godly women who long to follow hard after Jesus, and don’t for a second make the connection between being obedient to the Lord and showing respect to the guy they married.”

Good things to think about. Good job, Marla! (Do you feel special being “quoted”??)

2. Yes, I’m aware SYTYCD started last night. I am super pumped. Did I get to watch it? Of course not. This week has been crazy busy. And next week looks to be about the same. And the week after. What happened to my RELAXING SEPTEMBER?! Even work has been nuts. I assumed this was the “Hey Mary, lay low and just hide under your desk” period of my pregnancy. Makes sense to me anyway. Sigh.

3. Our ladies bible study started Beth Moore’s Esther study last night. I already love it. I was almost even a tad disappointed I would miss out on the last half of the DVD’s due to reason #4 below. But at least I have something to keep me occupied during those middle of the night feedings now! She does such an amazing job. I cannot WAIT until she finishes her study on Revelation. Everyone is always so afraid to discuss the last book of the Bible. Lots of different opinions and interpretations. But as Beth said in so many words last night…everything in the Bible is God-breathed and it’s our responsibility to learn it. I agree.

4. Just in case you didn’t realize, I will have a new child in approximately a month. Not a 26 year old one. Or another 4-legged one. But a real, honest-to-goodness, CHILD.

That’s all I got today, folks!

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