Do you know how much I’d love for there to be a bench seat in my fridge right now??

I cannot cool down.

I think we’re almost at the point where my husband thinks I’m a psycho. It’s very Father of the Bride: Part 2 in our household. You know the scene…Nina & Annie are laying around the house dying of heat…and poor George Banks is in his winter coat and gloves. The other day I walked in the house to find the thermostat on 77.

Excuse me??

Maybe 2 months ago this would’ve been ok. But I can assure you it’s most certainly NOT an acceptable temperature anymore. I feel like all the fans are on full-blast…and clothes make it all the more unbearable.

All the while, Seth is laying on the couch with a blanket and pj pants.

You know how much I’d love to wake up to some snow-capped mountains??

Also, if you happen to be in the frozen food aisle at the grocery (shopping, not cooling off) and you think the new Weight Watchers meals look appealing because of their new box designs…don’t be fooled. They’re still bland microwaved meals. I was blindsided by their new turkey cutlets with potatoes and some sort of apple, cranberry, butternut squash medley. Like Thanksgiving in a box, right?


Good thing I bring about 5 additional sides to lunch or else I’d be up a creek.

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