This is what it looked like in my neighborhood this morning:

Well, maybe not exactly, but close.

It was one of those mornings where I was so GLAD to have an SUV. Not to dog our precious Civic (may she rest in peace) but there is NO WAY she would’ve been able to conquer the rushing waters we encountered on the way to work this morning.

Of course that could’ve worked to my advantage and left me stranded at home. Dang it.

For those of you not in Houston, I promise…it really doesn’t rain all the time! It just seems like it.

Schools have closed down, companies have delayed their start times, people are stranded and floating off into the Gulf of Mexico.

(I made the last part up…but I’m sure it’s happening)

I’m mostly worried about our poor potted hibiscus plant. We got it Easter weekend and she’s had a rough few weeks to say the least. It was finally starting to look healthy again yesterday…until the monsoon came. We brought it in the garage overnight but I have a feeling it’s gasping for breath as we speak. Drowning in your own pot…that’s gotta be rough. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I don’t think the weather we’ve been having would technically be classified as “tropical”.

Hopefully this lets up or else I might be taking our yacht home from work.

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