I don’t have much time today so I have prepared a short list of thoughts (if you can’t tell, I heart lists)

  1. My hair is finally cut
  2. Still on the lookout for a puppy
  3. The imitation four-cheese pizza that SmartOnes mass-produces is disgusting
  4. Oh yeah, back to the puppy. I am CONVINCED that God is sending us signs because in the past 3 days I have met FOUR women who work for animal rescue organizations (including the girl at the hairdresser I was recommended to!). Why else would God torture me with all the dogs if he didn’t want Maggie to have a bff/soulmate (besides me of course)
  5. NKOTB is finally making their comeback! Have you heard?! www.nkotb.com
  6. I miss Stephanie Leigh’s cinnamon pecan cookies

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