Let me take you deep into the scandalous life of the Anderle’s. Typical Saturday morning:

  • Wake up way too early when Maggie starts barking and licking faces
  • Walk Maggie way too early around our nearly 2 mile neighborhood loop
  • Make coffee, cook breakfast (must involve bacon and eggs), and watch SportsCenter
  • Tag team cleaning the entire house and finish at approx lunchtime

Hm. I will quote from my all-time favorite blog and say “Insert Jim Halpert face here”

Something tells me that routine is kinda lame. It was my resolution to spice that up a bit. SO. This morning we slept until 9! NINE! Do you know the last time I slept past 7?? And I’m not cleaning a freakin’ thing this morning. And we are still in our pjs and NOT watching SportsCenter! (not like Discovery HD is much better). Oh and Maggie just chewed through a water bottle and now water is squirting everywhere. Great. Seth will be taking care of that. All because she didn’t get a walk yet.

So now that the day has started out completely upside-down, I feel I must address something. Word of this fabulous piece of online literature was seemingly circulated at warp speed. Talk about the intense pressure of delivering a fascinating read!

Moving on.

My Guitar Hero skills are increasingly improving. I kicked some male butt last night at our church class game night. (Sorry, but I did). But if I hear “Slow Ride” one more time…

I guess Seth’s skills are improving too, just to be fair. This talented husband of mine had already beat I and II back in our college days. Beat as in how I used to beat Mario 1 and Mario 3 (I’m sorry, but Mario 2 was ridiculous. That game had no direction and you could choose to be the princess for crying out loud). He has recently beat Encore: The 80′s and is working on finishing the III game. Wow! How lucky am I to be married to a man of such musical talent!!! The Anderle’s are clearly rock stars in training. In fact, here’s a snapshot of our TV on it’s normal “channel”

Gotta love PS2. Apparently I’m supposed to start loving PS3 or the Wii or something but I will drop dead the day we spend $500+ on a freakin’ video game system! Are you kidding me?! Who just goes out and does that?? (Sorry, some of you might) That’s $500 more you can have in your child’s college fund! $500 more you can be earning interest on in your savings account or 401k. $500 you can put against the principal of your car payment!

Prime example of the Anderle’s method of money managing. Why spend it now when we can save it all and spend it when we’re 65 and possibly too old to even move? :) A testosterome-based theory that has somehow caught on. I never thought I’d see the day.

Ok, I have to give my mind a rest and thoughts time to re-collect themselves. I’m trying to think of a better name for the blog and have a few ideas. So be on the lookout for that. Also, the layout was criticized as too patriotic (?). Will any of you ever be happy with this?! Tomorrow is the day we meet Trudie/Sadie the dog. Wish us luck and pray that Maggie finds her BFFFFFF!!!

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