Haircut appt #3 was cancelled today.

I don’t get it.

Is God trying to tell me something? Does He like my hair the way it is? I hope not because it’s sick! I’m going to show a little mercy and save everyone from another hair rant today.

It appears that I’ve also somewhat offended certain readers with my recent Wal-Mart rant. So I retract my statement that all Houston area Wal-Mart stores suck. Apparently the WM at the back of The Woodlands has a lot to offer. So let me clarify. The WM at I45N and Louetta SUCKS. So does that sketchy one off of Westheimer by the AMC Theater. The Woodlands/Conroe Wal-Mart is supposedly wonderful. I will investigate further this weekend.

And speaking of WM, this sorta leads into my topic of conversation today.

City vs. ‘Burbs

Having lived in both during my 24 years, I feel like I am an accurate source. (Plano, San Antonio, College Station, Houston, and Spring if you need more proof) Pros and cons are discussed below:

City Pros

  1. Unique restaurants (less chains)
  2. Better entertainment (i.e. theater, symphony, bars)
  3. Big business (not that I care but it seems like it could be important to some)
  4. Lots of Starbucks

City Cons

  1. Not many Sonic locations
  2. Chain restaurant favs are harder to come by
  3. Terrible terrible traffic
  4. Idiot drivers
  5. Real estate is EXPENSIVE. You spend $200 grand on a 2 bedroom townhome on a 2 sq. foot piece of property in downtown Houston. You can spend that much and buy a 5 bedroom house on a 60′ lot in the burbs
  6. Parking is also hard to come by and/or expensive

Burb Pros

  1. More quiet and peaceful environent
  2. Less sketchy people
  3. Family-oriented lifestyles
  4. Not as much traffic (Rayford Rd, FM 1960 and I45 in Conroe not taken into consideration)
  5. Bigger backyards (our ridiculous plot of land excluded)
  6. Cheaper real estate
  7. More Sonics!
  8. Closer to the mall (in most cases)

Burb Cons

  1. The whole commuting issue if you work in the city
  2. People can shoot fireworks on your friendly neighborhood street

Hm. I will let you declare the winner.

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