As of late, we have been considering another addition to our family. NO, not a two-legged one…a four-legged one. I recently came upon an ad for our sweet friend, Trudi (see below). Clearly, I would change her name to something less…weird if we decided to keep her. But look at the resemblance!!! (Note: we do not typically store our dog in a cardboard box)

She is just a few months older than Maggie, a border collie/Shepherd mix as well, the same size, similar markings…everything! Obviously they are related. Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t have this dog!!

Recent conversation with my father:

Mary: What would you say if I told you we found Maggie’s long-lost sister!!??

Dad: Does she poop?

Mary: Uh, yeah

Dad: Does she eat?

Mary: Probably

Dad: Would she dig holes in your backyard?

Mary: Possibly

Dad: So why can’t Maggie just write her a letter?

Hm. No support from the grandparents. While discouraging, I am completely ignoring his comments. Because everyone knows animals (dogs, in particular) bring complete happiness into your life. Here are my top 5 reasons for having at least one dog:

1) They are always happy to see you

2) They jump higher than your spouse when you get home from work

3) They conserve water (i.e. lick dirty plates so you don’t have to rinse before putting in dishwasher) Who wants to come over for dinner??

4) They are loyal friends

5) They keep you in shape because they always want walks

Point proven. I should’ve been a court lawyer. I always wanted to grow up and be like Elle Woods.

I will keep you updated, of course, on the family addition situation. We, including Maggie, are going to meet her possible future sister on Sunday. I don’t care if you think we’re crazy! She’ll still be cheaper than a baby!!

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