All I wanted was a haircut. Is that too much to ask? I am now un-officially firing my hair stylist because he has cancelled on me TWICE in the past few days. Twice! Talk about an unspeakable sin. So if anyone knows of anyone with fantastic scissor skills, please let me know. This also means I am temporarily remaining in the disgusting hair phase. You know what I mean. The “have to put it in a ponytail every day” rut. And the “my highlights are growing out” rut.

But something more positive happened today. I stopped by Target, greatest store of all time, and they were having a “temporary price cut” on all the best DVD’s. I proceeded to secure myself a $5 copy of Rudy. Supposedly an inspiring movie. One I have never seen. I plan to watch this the night before the MS150. That way I will be singing Eye of the Tiger all the way to Austin! Praise God for Target. I just love it. As we’ve recently fired Wal-Mart, I think I’ll be spending more time there.

For those of you saying…”what! Wal-Mart?!”, let me clarify. In San Antonio, Wal-Mart is not a problem. The location by the Plemons’ house is generally clean, not really that crowded, and of course, has cheap prices. What a rude awakening when we moved to Houston!

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers! Our store sucks! Our employees are rude to you! Everyone comes here…at all hours of the day! We don’t want to serve you! We don’t want to clean our store for you! We don’t want to hire more checkers for you so you don’t have to wait in the 2 open lines for 30 minutes! We have no good competitors so we can do whatever the heck we want!!!!

For awhile the benefits of Wal-Mart outweighed the cost. It’s practically a one-stop shopping arena! (minus clothes) Need motor oil? Go to WM. Need candlesticks? WM. Dogfood? WM. Books, greeting cards, mulch, fertilizer, socks, groceries, air filters, tennis rackets, Christmas lights, etc, etc, ETC.

Well, Sam Walton (RIP), you’ve really done it now. The Anderle’s are tired of your freakin’ store and don’t want to go back. We have made it part of our family motto to temporarily turn to Super Target for our one-stop shopping needs. And then we’ll proceed to open up “Anderle Town” which will become your biggest competitor and eventually force you out of business. We will sit back in our expensive patio chairs with daquiries in each hand, enjoying the view on the back porch of the fabulous mansion we’ll be able to purchase once we’ve run you out of town. And our store colors will be pink. Pink and fun!

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