A Visit to Santa’s House

(Well, I’m not super positive it was Santa’s house, but that’s what Jake kept saying so we’ll run with it.)

On Saturday morning we finally had our much overdue visit with Santa.  I was afraid lines would be long so we headed to Old Town Spring as soon as Santa opened for business, and waited to see the big guy.  

Also, I’m not sure why I keep calling him the big guy, because I’m pretty sure that’s GOD, but just run with that too. :)

 Daddy and Drew were super excited to wait in line!
 The first of many Santa pics.  I went ahead and cropped out Seth because the picture already looked awkward.  Jake was excited to see Santa, but not to sit in his lap!  This may have been after the candy cane so he was a little happier!  Drew was just happy because someone wanted to hold him.
 Hugs from Lexi.  The girls were in line behind us to see Santa and as you can see, we clearly could not compete with their Christmas tutus!
 Jake, Lexi, and Macie peeking in the window to Santa’s “house” as we were waiting.  I think this helped them get a little more comfortable before we went in there.  The people in front of us brought their dogs to see Santa…3 years ago I would’ve been right there with them but this time I thought it was a little ridiculous.  Ha!
 Family picture in front of the big Christmas tree.  Have I mentioned that I love all 3 of my boys??
And this one takes the cake of course.  I had to buy the professional picture because we may never top this.  Santa grabbed him right away and Jake was (obviously) not happy about it.  Sweet little Drew just watched.    

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here!  We have a couple more fun activities to do this week and then I know the boys will be super excited to open their presents and celebrate with everyone.  I have been amazed that Jake hasn’t messed with any under our tree.  I’m not quite sure he realizes they are for him yet.  He is going to love Christmas morning!

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