A Weekend of Randomness

You’ll be thrilled to know I finally pulled out the ol’ bike this weekend. Finally. It was a little embarassing because I had yet to take off all my numbers/stickers from the MS150 LAST year. Pathetic proof I haven’t touched the thing since April.

But it is that time of year again so Erika and I, along with the APC team, rode 20ish miles around The Woodlands on Saturday morning…if anything, to make sure we still remembered how to ride a bike.

Luckily we did.

And it was really an eye-opening experience for me. I’ve been sheltered out here in Spring Trails. Who knew there was so much of this bubble I hadn’t seen?? Did you know The Woodlands High has a 9th grade campus? And that there was another Wal-Mart back there?? Or that Seth and I could’ve totally afforded a home in Carlton Woods had we known it existed? :) We could’ve been neighbors with famous people!

But anyway, it was good to finally get out on the road and to remind myself that I stilllllll got it! And Erika did a fabulous job as well…this is her first year riding and I hope I don’t scare her away.

Seth and I also had a very overdue, much-deserved (in my opinion) date night at Landry’s. YUM. It seems like we go every few months and are both stubborn enough to always order the same thing. The Snapper Hemmingway is to DIE for! But it’s worth it. We had a budget discussion awhile back and brainstormed different things to cut back on. But it was unanimous that we could still go to Landry’s and (of course) still purchase Blue Bell ice cream.

I don’t care what kind of recession we’re in folks. I don’t care how poor I might be. I will still buy Blue Bell. Because to eat any other brand is just plain wrong.

Things have finally slowed down a bit at work so I am very glad to get my free time back! It seems like life never quite slows down though…so we have a busy week and then will be heading out of town Saturday morning. Bike ride #2 on Sunday morning.

I want a vacation.

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