Aggie Graduation

This past weekend, while Seth was at a bachelor party, Jake and I headed to College Station to celebrate Aunt Rachel and Uncle Michael’s college graduation. Whoop! We are so proud of them (mainly because they picked a great college to attend – kidding) and are looking forward to their wedding in 2 weeks!!

If you haven’t taken your 19 month old to an Aggie graduation yet, I highly recommend it. They will most likely sit still, politely clap for the graduates, and never ever try and run up and down the stairs at Reed Arena…

Jake and I with a future educator of America! Note: this was somewhere between his 1st and 2nd wind so kiddo was a little grumpy.

Michael graduated on Friday night with a degree in Biomedical Engineering (obviously I was his go-to person whenever he had questions. BME is sooo easy!).

Afterward we went back to the house to enjoy some Dickey’s BBQ before we headed home!

Jake loooooves both of his grandpas. He was hanging all over my dad (Grandpa…but deemed Bup Bup last weekend!) and thought it was so funny to hug and kiss him.

Melts my heart!

He was also so excited to see Nana. He got some cool new books and plates and has already stolen one of his brother’s toys. Nana gave Drew a teething toy that apparently resembled Nemo a little too much…so it is Jake’s for now :)

Me and my beautiful sisters! I was so glad everyone could be there and that we get to see them all in 2 more weeks too (unless I am pushing out a baby which preferably will happen just before or just after this ceremony!)

The future bride and groom

Riding around on Uncle Kyle’s shoulders. I’m glad we captured a smile becaue I promise he really does smile and laugh a lot! He kept saying ‘more more’ when Kyle tried to put him down.

And let me just say real quick…someone must have read my last post and prayed because Jake was so well behaved (for the most part) yesterday, has taken a nap 4 days in a row, and slept until 7:45 this morning! (He had been getting up at 6 or earlier the past week). I have had several people tell me their kids went haywire right before the baby was born so I hope that is partly an explanation for what has been going on…

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