All in a Day’s Work…

Swagging. What else does one do on her day off from work? Three cheers for Georgia and her fabric expertise!!! Guys, this was super easy and we didn’t have to sew a thing. I highly recommend these DIY projects (well…semi-DIY). Even though I mainly just supervised.
But whatever.

Doesn’t it look fabulous with the paint??

Thank you Georgia!! My windows would be lost without you.
The dogs have also had things pretty hard lately, as you can see…….

How sweet are they? What a loving brother & sister.

They’re not going to know what hit them in a few hours. Their Aunt Rachel and Michael are coming with their cousin Sammy and Dad is coming in the morning with a new cousin, Miki.

Who thinks I’ll have to vacuum on Sunday night?! :) Let’s just pray for NO rain. We don’t need any more mud in the backyard…

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