Always a Road Trip…

Someone once referred to us as “Weekend Warriors”. Sounds super cool, I know. The kind of people who always have to leave town for SOMETHING when 5 o’ clock Friday comes around. We have enjoyed a couple relaxing weekends at home, but on Friday we once again hit the road… destination: not Houston. We spent the day in LG for the Anderle’s annual crawfish boil and then drove to SA town to spend time with my family (sans Emily) for the rest of the weekend. Gotta love the trusty old civic that gets us to and fro. Never mind the radio that doesn’t always work. Forget that “clickity clack clack” that happens when you turn left. Focus on the mpg. 34 to be exact. My husband’s pride and joy. It’s almost like he created the fantastic gas mileage – he’s THAT proud. And that 2-door is sooo comfy on those 4 hour car drives to SA. Very easy to stretch out, nap, relax, etc. Even better with the dog in the car (luckily we had a break from that this time around). It’s always fun and easy to de-stress though when we’re “home” and with our family. Sorry I don’t have any pictures – I truly intended to take some but again, the camera was left in the car.

On to brackets. We did fabulous on the first day – 16 for 16! I had a feeling I was really onto something this year. Last year my husband ridiculed my March Madness bracket…I changed it…and then my original one was practically a winner! I haven’t let him live that down YET. So, it works out perfectly that YOURS TRULY is once again in the lead. Not that I’m doing great, but I’m beating Seth, so that’s all that counts. 34 for 49. Almost 70%! Gonzaga and Purdue’s losses really threw me though.

All in all, this is a boring blog. I’m aware. Give me some time to come up with some new material. I got some new magazines in the mail this weekend when we were gone so I’ll flip through those, find the latest info, and give you a summary. Oh, but I will post a recipe for a coffee cake I made for breakfast last week. Super easy and pretty good!

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  1. I added you to my blog friends, because I told my friends in new york – who are big time bloggers – how fun it is to read yours! maybe your counter will have some more hits! hope you are doing well – we are cruising – hating public accounting, the usual!

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