An Interruption to your Regularly Scheduled Blog Post…

I hate to say it. I really do. But I just don’t know if I’ll ever be one of those people where my friends and family look back and say, “You know…she was such a trooper! She never complained. You would’ve never known she was in such pain.”

But it’s good to have goals, right?

So now that’s out of the way…I’ll say it. I feel like poop. This week was such a huge difference from last week. I came home from work and laid on the couch. I had a terrible headache almost all day, every day. Half the time I feel like a child is about to fall out of me and the other half I feel like someone’s hitting my lower back with a sledgehammer.

Pregnancy is a wonderful beautiful thing!

So that’s all I’ll say about that. And as much as I’d like to deny it, I’m sure next week will be even more pleasant. That is why I am making Seth get down my fall decorations this weekend because Lord knows I won’t have the energy to hang my fall wreath in a few more days. This is also why I bought my month-long supply of candy corn and mellowcreme pumpkins today. Could there be a candy that tastes any better??? And I promise, I bought them all in the name of decor. I’d never eat 2 whole bags of orange, yellow, & white corned sugar all by my lonesome. Nope, not me!

I plan on taking a warm bath, reading my book, and going to bed early. Gosh, when did Friday nights get so FUN?!

2 thoughts on “An Interruption to your Regularly Scheduled Blog Post…

  1. Enjoy your Friday nights at home, because I hate to say it but that is where you will probably be every Friday night for the next few years(and you will love it!):-)
    I know you can endure these last few days/weeks! Hang in there.

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