…and More

Next, we headed to La Grange to celebrate with Seth’s side of the family.  Our kids were getting pretty good at opening gifts by this point.

083 086 He cracks me up.  “Modeling” his new Aggie jersey.

090 Helping Popo open his gifts.

092 The boys were so excited to get their very own Gator!  They rode and rode it around the house.  Drew has been such a good sport to stay in the passenger seat.  Not sure how long that will last.

095 And they’re off…

098 Showing Uncle Chase and Avery his new rescue bots, of course

109 Wrestling with all the guys.  Jake is in mid-air in this shot – ha.110 Minaw and all her grandkids (and 2 great grandkids)

127 The boys were all surprised when Minaw started handing out her arsenal.  I’ll keep our stance on gun control private though… :)

140 Granny had the cutest train rocker at her house and the boys had a blast!

157 We had to layer up the boys to ride the Gator the next few days.  It got cold this Christmas!  So disappointed we missed the snow that North Texas got!

159 Drinking hot chocolate with Popo.

162AND, we ended our Christmas celebrating with Grandpa.  The boys had so much fun at his house and didn’t want to leave.  We read books, watched a movie, and played with trucks and robots.  What else do you need for a good time?

Alright.  I now can peacefully leave 2012 on this blog.

I know I say it all the time but we have been so blessed this year and surely the black eyed peas we ate on New Years Day will serve us well in 2013.

I only ate 2 but I think that still counts.

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