And puppy makes 4…

Oh I know. You’re either thinking I’m absolutely nuts…or the LUCKIEST GIRL in the world!!! I personally feel like the latter.

Today we brought home Tuck! (I know many of you are slightly confused, as you have now heard Hank, Huck, Duke, Jack, Sport, Red, and more) Seth put his foot down and demanded he name this dog. No matter how hard I tried, I could not win. So I apologize to all those rooting for other ones.

Tears literally came to my eyes when we saw Tuck with his siblings. Eight of them. I wanted them ALL. Someone whose name rhymes with “Beth” wouldn’t let us have all of them. So mean and heartless, I know. And I almost cringe to type this, because I am not technically a fan of abbreviating every single word, but…

HE IS PRESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I die. I can’t even imagine how much you mothers love your children. Because if I love my children even HALF as much as I love my dogs…that’s gonna be a lot. I know my mother’s dream of grandchildren is probably swirling down the toilet as I type. (Just kidding)

So here we go. Tuck’s first photo album. 6 weeks. Weighing in at a whopping 7 lbs. Half Australian Shepherd, half Husky. Blue eyes. I know you’re already looking forward to the “Have a blessed holiday season…Love, Seth, Mary, Maggie, & Tuck Anderle” cards!!!!

Agh! I can’t wait!

Already having their boy time
Oh yeah, in love. (Still in love with Maggie too…don’t worry)
Greg & Jacky came to meet the new guy! Greg SO wants to get one of Tuck’s sisters ;)
How sweet…

“Tuck”ered out!!

Very frustrating to Maggie that he fits under the couch
Marking territory. Maggie has pretty much followed him around all night!
Hugging already! They are SO BFFFFFFFFFF!!

As you can tell, I am SUPER pumped. Seth is too. Don’t EVEN let him lie to you. He named the kid after all.

(I just fear for my children and their names. I’m going to have to be quick on my feet. His number 2 dog name was Amigo. Yikes)

I really truly think they will get along. They are already having fun and Tuck is so clumsy…it’s hilarious to watch them run around the house. He had one mini-accident, but otherwise has “done his business” outside (uh…and on the Meredith’s front lawn…sorry guys)

Guys. Just think. How many dog/puppy posts have I had since the creation of this blog?

I promise I will not get any more puppies. But that’s just one more thing to cross off our “pre-little squirts” list.

Next up…new car anyone?

(and please…Seth will make me drive the Civic until pigs fly so don’t get your hopes up quite yet…)

(oh, and let me know if you know how to make pigs fly…)

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