And We Just Thought We Lived in a Zoo…

Saturday night we were BLESSED to have Gabe, Marla, Olivia, Ava, & Nina stay the night!

Who are these people, you might ask? How do you know them?

Well. We didn’t.

You might remember a book giveaway I did a couple of months ago on the blog…From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife. I loved the book so much that I felt compelled to email the author and let her know how it had impacted our marriage. Lo and behold, she wrote back, and an online friendship began!

Marla is now working on her fifth book called 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks. I didn’t even know there were 52 zoos to visit! And surprisingly, as we found out yesterday, there are actually hundreds more zoos than that! Who knew?

So, if you used your context clues, you can probably figure out that their family is traveling to 52 zoos in 52 weeks. The past week or so they have been on their tour of Texas & Oklahoma zoos. All the way from Columbus, Ohio. Instead of finding hotel rooms, they stay with friends, family…maybe even VERY COOL but complete strangers. God has blessed their journey tenfold. They have free tickets to all the zoos…get to meet amazing people along the way…all the while experiencing the breathtaking animals God has created. And I checked…they never get tired of zoos!

So to make a long story short, I had offered our house up when they came to Houston. Obviously, she’d read my blog and knew how much we had to offer (kidding) and that was that.

We had such a FUN time with Marla, Gabe, and the girls! I was worried the girls would be bored since we didn’t have any kids or fun toys but that didn’t stop anyone. Who knew we had an awesome running track through the living room and hiding places under the coffee table? F-U-N. I was amazed at how well the girls played together…none of the screaming, fighting, and pulling hair that I remember growing up!

After dinner we made some ice cream sundaes and Nina (3 yrs) was especially hilarious…

Nina: I keep bumping into stuff in my ice cream
Marla: Wait, what?
Nina: (Sad face)

Um, folks she was “bumping into” her sprinkles! What a nut!

God has had a hand in each step of their journey and I feel like He definitely had a plan in having us all meet. Marla, we are so thankful we got to meet all of you and can’t wait until next time! Because you know I will definitely be coming to Ohio to check out that basement of yours.

Yes, she has a basement. How cool is that??

Me & Marla

Seth, Me, Ava, Nina, & Olivia…with our serious faces

Come see us again soon!

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