“Hi Mary,

I know it seems hard to believe, but your trip to Hawaii is just around the corner. We at and appreciate your business and are happy you’ve chosen us to help you plan your vacation activities.

Saturday, May 10, 2008 — SUNRISE BIKE TOUR (MEAL INCLUDED)
Mountain Riders
2 Bikers
2 National Park / Fuel Surcharge

Your total including Hawaiian state sales tax is $Lots o’ cash. Pick-up is scheduled for 2:45AM. You should arrive at the pick-up point 5-10 minutes early. Mountain Riders will pick you up at the luau kiosk/taxi stand at the front of the Royal Lahaina Resort.

Dress warmly in layers; closed toed shoes (sneakers) are required. They will give you an outer layer windbreaker, windpants, and gloves. Some people bring along a blanket from their room to wrap around them while watching the sunrise. Anything that you bring with you will go in the van while you are on the bike ride.

Your tour includes a continental breakfast in the middle of the night (classic!!!) and a breakfast stop part-way through your ride.”

I love feasting on continental breakfasts in the middle of the night!!!!!!!!

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