Arguably the Best Day Ever

Well except for my wedding day. And my birthday. And a few other noteworthy occasions.

Three great things happened today that just put me over the moon…and they will be discussed in further detail below:

1) I bought new books

Oh…how I love books! I especially love shopping for them. I love the smell of a new book. The crispness of the brand new pages and cover! The smug feeling that I alone am the first to dive into this new story. No, I’m not being dramatic. Nothing about the books I bought infer “un-fun”! Because who takes boring, no-sign-of-pink on the cover literature to Hawaii? NOT ME. I would take a picture of my books…like my overachieving best friend…but I don’t have that much time. So…

-Shoe Addicts Anonymous, Beth Harbison
-To Have and To Hold, Jane Green
-Good in Bed, Jennifer Weiner
-Under the Banner of Heaven, John Krakauer (ok, so there is no pink on this cover but I’ve heard it’s a great read)

Between two 8 hour plane rides and satisfactory beach time…I should take care of most of these.

2) I bought new kicks

If there’s anything I love more than books, it’s new tennis shoes! Again, something that has a great brand-new smell. The problem with new shoes is that I’m always afraid to wear them. Don’t want to mess them up. You know it hurts the first time you step in that puddle with your new footwear. It’s cringe-worthy. Still can’t decide if they’re ready to make the journey to the islands.

3) And oh yeah, work shut down so I got to leave at 2!

Sweet! Due to a suspect water outage, all employees were instructed to evacuate immediately! You don’t have to tell me twice. I know, I couldn’t figure out why the water outage was dangerous either, but apparently the outage disabled the Fire Suppression System along with the bathrooms and A/C. Shoot. Seeing as I didn’t have any critical reason to remain in my office, I sprinted to my car and headed home. I don’t know what I will do if the water doesn’t come back on tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Arguably the Best Day Ever

  1. LUCKY!! everyday i secretly hope that there will be some sort of power outage or the network will be down preventing me to work. can’t wait to catch some rays on the beach with you!

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