At Last

Here’s my last batch of pictures from the weekend. I think I am exempt from picture posting until at least next week, right? OH OKAY…I’ll take some pictures of myself this weekend…cleaning and walking the dog. Only because you begged me.

Matt, me, Courtney, and Jeremy on Saturday morning. We were cold. We were tired. But we were ready to ride!!

Riders getting to lunch in Bellville on Day 1

Matt, me, and Jeremy. Note their smiles. This was before I kicked their butts. just kidding guys :)

Trisha and Erin at lunch

So we skip to the finish

They recorded our finish times each day…I sure hope I don’t see this displayed in the cafeteria at work…

Jeremy and Courtney arriving to Austin

Good job guys!

Trisha, Matt, and little Amy

Biker Girls and a biker girl-to-be!

Until next year…

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