Baby Shower Fun

This past weekend, Jessie & I threw a baby shower for our college roommate, Andrea. Her little girl, Sara, will be here in about 5 weeks and we had a fun time spoiling her with lots of pink! We are so excited to meet her and Jake is anxious for another friend.

(But nothing more than a friend)

Because we are not in the business of finding girlfriends yet.

Or ever.

Jessie, Andrea, & Me. We lived together for 2 years in college, were all accounting majors, and all ended up back in the Houston area. And now we’re all wondering why in the heck we have accounting degrees.

But that’s another story for another day.

Did you notice my tall boots? Big deal for me!

Andrea’s husband, Gonzalo, is serving our country in Iraq right now. We are hoping and praying he’ll make it back home for Sara’s birth! One of our baby shower activities was to have everyone write a note to Sara…Gonzalo sent his answers from Iraq and we were able to surprise Andrea with his note! So sweet.

Lots of yummy food

A little different than all the blue and brown in our closets! Love little girl clothes!


Andrea, thanks for letting us help you celebrate your little girl! We can’t wait to meet Sara!

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