Bachelor Bits

Perhaps this is a bit overdue, but here are my top 10 thoughts from the Bachelor on Monday night. And again, for a full recap, please see the link on the right. She does much better than I would, so why bother??

1) “Bon Soir” Robin! Good grief. What a crazy. I am ashamed to admit I really liked her on episode one. As someone said at the beginning, I guess we always have to have the token nutcase! I laughed out loud…to myself (well and to Maggie I guess…let’s be serious, Seth was in the other room) when she wasn’t chosen at the end. I will say I wasn’t expecting it because I assumed our favorite Bach would let me down. Thank goodness I was wrong!

2) Marshana kills me. Shayne may be high-maintenance, but hello??? Picking Marshana would be asking trouble to come sit in your lap. I was impressed with her departure though. I would have cried like a baby.

3) I don’t know what to say about Shayne…I really don’t. She is funny, yes. She seems to avoid major drama, which is a plus. But are they really a good match??

4) Love Noelle. She seems too genuine and sweet. Needs to come out of her shell a bit more but she is really pretty and seems to have more of a “normal girl” personality than the rest of the girls.

5) Amanda is another favorite. Although I’m not sure what to expect on next week’s episode??? I think there’s a goofy side of her we haven’t completely seen.

6) Did I mention that I love Matt’s accent? I need to figure out how to get my future children to sound like him. Perhaps I will just start speaking to them ASAP (you know, while in the womb) in one of my signature well-spoken accents. I do a great Australian. It sounds half Mexican, half Chinese. I’ve also been known to re-enact The Ten Commandments in a nice British style. Just ask Cara C.

(The things we did to entertain ourselves in middle school…)

7) Maybe Chris Harrison should be the Bachelor one of these days?? You’re not getting any younger, buddy! He must be making some serious cash to keep hosting this show. Or maybe he just hooks up with the rose-less girls after each episode? Hm, something to think about.

8) Did some of the girls have matching coats on the ski slopes? Maybe I didn’t see that right…but does ABC just provide all these cutesy outfits for them? And do they get to keep them afterward? If so, I need one of my single friends to go on this show. Susan???

9) Earth to Chelsea. The Bach is NOT going to dig you if you try to repel his hands during an attempted hand-holding session! She is the Hillary of Brad Womack’s season. Like her, think she’s fun, but she’s a goner. We already saw the friend-card pulled once with Holly and look where that got her. Poor Holly.

10) I will predict my final two. And also tell you my fear that I am wrong. Against my better judgment, I will not put Shayne in the final two. Only because I have been opposed to the “LA sex kitten” since the beginning. Yes, she is funny. I will give her that. But she’s 22. And I just don’t see her as ready to accept the responsibilities of a long-term relationship and settle down.

So Amanda and Noelle. There ya go. We shall see. I’m a tad worried that I’ll be on vacation when the finale airs…but if I’ve timed it right, I think I’ll just miss the Women Tell All (assuming they DO air that this time…)

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